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CameoGear Phantom accessories are sold exclusively through AbelCine and VRI.

Cameo Essential Kit for Phantom VEO


The Cameo VEO Essential Kit includes a Top Handle, Cheese Plates (2), Rosette Bar, and Cine Riser customized for the Phantom VEO camera. All kit components are also available individually.

    • The Top Handle attaches to the ARRI hole pattern with a

    single 3/8-16” captive screw.

    • Each cheese plate has two possible positions for a focus hook,

    hole patterns for Gold Mount or V-Mount battery mounts, and the

    ARRI hole pattern.

    • Two rosette bars can fit on the AC side and one on the operator     side

    • The Cine Riser attaches to the cheese plate with two custom

    slotted screws. It provides standard lens spacing for the

    lightweight 15mm rods and mounts to ARRI bridge plates.

Item Code  CAM-077-CEK1


This convenient Cameo Top Handle attaches to the Cameo Cheese Plate on the Phantom VEO High-Speed Digital Camera.

Item Code  CAM-077-120

This Cameo Rosette Bar is designed for the Phantom VEO High-Speed Camera.

Two Rosette Bars fit on the AC side,

while one fits on the operator side.

Item Code  CAM-077-130

These versatile Cameo Cheese Plates attach to the Phantom VEO High-Speed Camera in multiple positions to suit your needs.

Item Code  CAM-077-110

Our Cameo CineRiser, designed for the Phantom VEO High-Speed Digital Camera, offers standard lens spacing for lightweight 15mm rods and mounts to ARRI bridgeplates.

Item Code  CAM-077-140

VEO Essentails
Cameo VEOBob Breakout Box


The Cameo VEObob Breakout Box for Phantom VEO delivers hot swap capability between dual XLR-4 power inputs. The VEObob gives priority to the power supply (connected to DC IN) over your battery (connected to BATT IN) and provides three accessory power outputs (2x LEMO-2, 1x Fischer-3 R/S). It also replicates a remote port,

which is not present on the camera itself, to enable the connection of a PCU or VRI Bluetooth dongle (Fischer-5).

Item Code  CAM-081-100


Cameo VEObob Power Jumper Cable - 12" is designed to pass power and trigger command from the Cameo VEObob to your Phantom VEO camera.

Item Code  CAM-081-130

Cameo VEObob RS232 Jumper Cable -12.5" is designed to pass serial control from the Cameo VEOBob Breakout Box to your Phantom VEO camera.

Item Code  CAM-081-140

Cameo PCU2+ Control Unit


The PCU2+ controls most Phantom high-speed cameras without the need of a laptop and can do so either wirelessly* or hard-wired. There are two basic modes of operation: Record Mode and Playback Mode. In Record Mode, you can control the capture process by editing the recording parameters. Playback Mode delivers both playback and the ability to save clips to a CineMag or other media.


Connect two Phantom cameras to the PCU2+ to control synchronized stereo recording and playback. This is achieved due to the PCU2+ sending all commands to both cameras simultaneously.

There are five mounting point options on the PCU2+:

    • (2)x 1/4-20 holes on top

    • (2)x 1/4-20 holes on bottom

    • (1)x V-lock on the back

This new model features an aluminum enclosure and uses an internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery, which allows for over 30 hours of continuous wireless operation.

* Wireless operation requires the use of the Vision Research Bluetooth Dongle II VRI-BT-DONGLE-II


PCU Controller Cables in various lengths.

PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 1'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 2'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 5'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 10'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 25'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 50'


PCU 5-Pin Controller Cable 100'


PUC2 Control Unit

Item Code  CAM-PCU-300

Firmware   v234 (Updated Sept. 2020)

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