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Cameo Resolution Analysis Tools


High-resolution cameras and lenses require analysis tools that are more informative than the legacy charts and rail systems commonly used today. 

The inherent limitations of star-like patterns commonly found in focus charts make it extremely challenging to determine accurate, repeatable focus for any digital camera; and patterns meant for determining the resolving power of film cameras and lenses are complicated to use and produce results that are not helpful for comparing resolution between cameras with different sensor dimensions. The patterns composing the Cameo Resolution Analysis Charts make achieving proper focus fast and repeatable; and provide an easy to read method of determining resolution throughout the camera frame, as well as reveal many lens artifacts.

Analysis Charts  

Available in three different sizes, there's an Cameo Analysis Chart for every environment. The lightweight Cameo Focus Bowtie Chart is perfect for the on-the-go shooter to accurately make focus marks. Equipped with a dry-erase insert slate on back, this compact chart is the perfect size for transport in an AC bag or accessory case.


The 20" Resolution Analysis Chart is ideal for field use or travel, while the 40" Resolution Analysis Chart was designed especially for rental houses, service centers, and institutions. The 40” chart includes a wall hanging kit and is sized for conveniently testing wide focal lengths. It can also be customized with a logo for an additional fee.

Key Features


Cameo Focus Bowtie Chart

    • 9 1/8”W x 7 1/8"H

    • Mounted to 1/8” white plexiglass

    • Dry-erase insert slate on back

    • Ideal size for transport in AC bag or accessory case 

Cameo Resolution Chart 20"

    • 13 1/8"W x 20 1/8"L

    • 1.75lbs plastic frame / dibond back

    • Designed for use in tight spaces and in the field

    • Frequencies that exceed the resolving power of 2K cameras

    • Matte finish

    • Color and greyscale for at-a-glance verification of camera

       color and gamma reproduction

Where to Buy


Check out our list of vendors for where you can take home your own Cameo Analysis charts or system.


Cameo Resolution Chart 40"

    • Measures 41"w x 26"h (104cm x 66cm)

    • For use in rental house settings and camera/lens testing

    • Convenient size for testing wide focal lengths

    • Half-size inner frame for testing telephoto focal lengths
    • Frequencies that exceed the resolving power of 4K cameras

    • Color and greyscale for at-a-glance verification of camera
       color and gamma reproduction

    • Custom logo option available


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