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Cameo VESA Mount


The Cameo VESA Mount system is the starting point for a streamlined monitor mounting system that doesn't require any Velcro or tape. Offering 360° of rotation, the Cameo VESA Mount allows for on-the-fly vertical to horizontal repositioning, as well as 230° of tilt adjustment. Use the convenient lever on the side of the Cameo VESA Mount to lock or unlock the ability to adjust monitor tilt. The easy-to-use knob is large enough to be tightened or loosened even while wearing gloves in cold weather. 

Key Features

  • Rated to support a monitor up to 50 lb

  • Internal friction system for maximum tilt and rotation control

  • Compatible with 75 mm and 100 mm VESA spacing standards

  • Add-ons for additional mounting and carrying options are available

Use alone or with the entire Cameo VESA Mount System:

• Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - AB Gold Mount
• Cameo VESA Monitor Battery Mount - V-Mount

• Cameo VESA Monitor Handle

• Cameo VESA Monitor Accessory Plate

Cameo VESA Mount System
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Where to Buy


Check out our list of vendors for where you can take home your own Cameo VESA Mount system.

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