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It's here: the new CameoGrip by CameoGear. With its unique retro-style design, CameoGrip can be mounted beneath a mirrorless camera, onto the handgrip of a shoulder-mounted camera, or on the pan-arm of a tripod. In any configuration, CameoGrip provides ergonomic support and access to important controls. Designed for easy and comfortable control access, you can also assign functions to each button to better suit your needs.

Each CameoGrip includes an ARRI rosette adapter and either a LANC or Sony multi-terminal cable. Boasting a solid aluminum spine and high-quality materials and connectors used throughout, this grip is built to last. CameoGrip is ever evolving, so stay tuned for future firmware updates that will unlock new functions.


Download the manual for the most detailed information.


Key Features



  • Ergonomic design

  • Allows stable holding of a small camera by mounting underneath

  • Comfortable use with shoulder mounted camera when attached to the rosette adapter


Electronic Features:

  • Controls sit near natural finger positions, allowing easy camera and lens control

  • Key functions are reprogrammable to allow the most important functions to be changed based on user preference

  • Firmware can be updated to receive new feature releases


Design Features:

  • Solid aluminum spine

  • A threaded hole on the bottom of the grip allows mounting to monopod or other support

  • The design harks back to the personal film cameras of the ‘60s and ‘70s

  • Incorporates high quality materials and connectors


CameoGrip is compatible with most cameras with LANC remote ports as well as all Sony Alpha cameras with Multi-Terminal ports. It has been tested with the following cameras:


  • Sony FS5

  • Sony FS7

  • Sony Alpha series

  • Canon C100

  • Canon C100 MK II

  • Canon C200

  • Canon C300

  • Canon C300 MK II

  • Panasonic EVA1


Zoom functionality works on most lenses with a zoom motor, and iris will work with most lenses that have an electronic pairing for this function.




Dimensions (Grip only):

  • 5.8in  x  1.6in x  3.45in


Physical weight

  • Grip: 7 oz

  • Rosette Adapter: 2.5 ounces



  • Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic


Cable length

  • 16” (Multi-Terminal cable)

  • 20” (LANC cable)


Pin-counts and connector type on cables:

  • Multi-Terminal cable: Hirose 8-pin male to Multi-Terminal

  • LANC cable: Hirose 8-pin male to 2.5mm male LANC


Mount points

  • 1x 3/8-16 female (on the bottom of the grip)

  • 1x 1/4-20 male (on the top of the grip)

  • 1x ARRI Rosette via adapter (removable accessory)


In/Out connections

  • On the Grip: 8 pin Hirose female (camera/ lens control)

  • Micro-USB Female (firmware updates)


Power draw (watts)

  • < 400mW


Camera/ Lens Compatibility Notes:

  • Zoom functionality works on most lenses with a zoom motor, and iris will work with most lenses that have an electronic pairing for this function. Note that Iris control is only available via LANC. Sony’s Multi-Terminal interface doesn’t currently support iris control. 


Included with the CameoGrip

  • Includes 1x ARRI Rosette Adapter

  • 1x cable (either Multi-Terminal or LANC)


Button type

  • 3x plastic buttons (2x user buttons and 1x trigger button)

  • 1x joystick


Joystick functionality

  • Joystick controls zoom (on the horizontal axis) and iris (on the vertical axis). Note that these functions can be reassigned to either axis or disabled through the configuration software.


Grip left or right

  • Right handed grip


Firmware and Support


Where to Buy


Check out our list of vendors for where you can take home your own CameoGrip.

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